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A taxi at your disposal

You can order a Taxi Stockholm car for your disposal when you are in Stockholm. Having the taxi all to yourself is an ideal solution for a tight business schedule or a shopping spree. Using this service you may leave all belongings in the taxi and do your business. in the meantime your designated taxi driver waits for you to take you to your new destination. For more information and reservation, contact us at + 46 8 16 75 70



  • Ordinary car 1-4 persons, every day, all day: 775 SEK
  • A car for 5-7 persons, every day, all day: 1 185 SEK
  • Business, 1-3 persons, every day, all day: 1 085 SEK
  • Business , 4-6 persons, every day, all day: 1 345 kronor

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