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A taxi at your disposal

You can order a Taxi Stockholm car for your disposal when you are in Stockholm. Having the taxi all to yourself is an ideal solution for a tight business schedule or a shopping spree. Using this service you may leave all belongings in the taxi and do your business. in the meantime your designated taxi driver waits for you to take you to your new destination. For more information and reservation, contact us at + 46 8 16 75 70


1-4 pers 5-7 pers
Monday-Friday 09-15 595 kr 890 kr
Other time and ordinary weekends 660 kr 990 kr
Holidays * 825 kr 1235 kr


* Walpurgis Night, Midsummers Eve, New Years Eve from 15:00 until 24:00 the next day, Christmas Eve from 00:00 until Boxing Day 24:00.

30 km/hour is included in the hourly rate, after that a cost of 200 kr/initiated 10 km is added. The minimum charge is for one hour and after that we charge every initiated half hour.

An extra charge for a half hour will be added if the trip starts more than 15 km outside of Stockholm.

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