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Payment in app

When you book your taxi in Taxi Stockholm´s app, Taxi Sthlm, you can also choose to pay with card or Taxi Stockholm-account directly in the app. Theese are the terms we apply.

Not showing up or cancelling late
If you make a booking with payment via your taxi account or a card and do not show up at the pickup location Taxi Stockholm will charge you a fee.

For regular taxi: 90 SEK
For Premium we also charge you in case you cancel your booking later than 20 minutes before pick-up time: 270 SEK for trips from Arlanda airport and 170 SEK for other trips.

Waiting time
Taxi Stockholm will charge you for waiting times associated with your bookings. This also applies to fixed price trips and the amount will be added to the total. See for current prices.

When travelling from an airport Taxi Stockholm will keep track of your flights arrival time and meet you in the arrival hall with a name sign. Certain waiting time is included in the fixed price, after that a waiting fee will be charged. You will get that information when you place your booking.

Fixed pice
The fixed price given in the app does not include waiting time or eventual extra stops.

Digital reciept when paying with card in the app
A digital receipt will be sent to you when the card has been charged. The card will be charged a short while after the trip ends. The receipt will be sent to the mail address you have stated in your profile.

Card payment, invoices or bank tranfers
Payments will be settled after your trip has been finished through an invoice or with the payment card you have registered in the application. If you are using a payment card, payments will be handled in a secure way by a third party. All credit card details are handled by DIBS.

Contact information
If you have questions regarding payment or your booking in general, please contact our customer support:

Phone: 08-728 27 00

General terms
In addition to this, Taxi Stockholm’s general terms apply. See the terms page in the app.

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