Taxi Stockholm's Handling of personal information

Taxi Stockholm 150000 AB is responsible for all personal information you give us when ordering a taxi through our reservations department either by phone, our website or email. All personal information is confidential with us at Taxi Stockholm AB and in accordance with applicable law we maintain a high level of security.

Taxi Stockholm uses your personal information for reservation purposes to give you the best service possible. Taxi Stockholm could also use your personal information to improve our services and products. The information could also be used to adapt our communication with you, sending news letters or asking questions for marketing purposes.

Generally Taxi Stockholm uses your personal information within Taxi Stockholm only. There is a possibility that your personal information will be given to our cooperation partners and suppliers. This occurs if the service you order from us has to involve them in any way. Correction, insight and disclaim of information.

As a customer of ours you earn the rights to take part of all information about you registered through Taxi Stockholm. If the information is incorrect, incomplete or in any way irrelevant you have the right to claim that the information gets corrected.

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